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iOS4 Compatibility Now, But Older Versions May No Longer Work

July 18, 2010

A new version of myCaddie was submitted to the App Store which corrects problems related to iPhone OS 4 upgrades. As a result, however, there are reported cases of "white screens" for OS 3.1.x. To get myCaddie working, it may be required for you to upgrade your iPhone OS to 4.0 (or above) through iTunes.

myCaddie Not Working for iOS4 - fix on the way

June 29, 2010

We recently discovered a problem with myCaddie running on the latest version of the iPhone OS, iOS 4. This problem has apparently rendered a wide variety of iPhone apps unusable. We have identified and upgraded the necessary components of the app, and have submitted the upgraded app to Apple for approval. However, the app approval process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, so keep your eyes open for an app update.

Note that this problem does not exist in other versions of the iPhone OS (3 and below).

myCaddie Pro Now Free

September 21, 2009

myCaddie Pro is now downloadable for free, and the original myCaddie is no longer available on the AppStore. We recommend that users of the original myCaddie upgrade to the new Pro version, which offers many new features and addresses other issues such as course list load times.

Aerial Feature Fix Approved and Released

September 20, 2009

We recently identified and fixed a problem with our aerial feature. Unfortunately, due to an unusually long AppStore approval cycle, it was not available for a number of weeks. We apologize for the interruption. At this point, the aerial feature is again fully functional (version 2.1.2).

myCaddie Pro Version Released

June 16, 2009

It has been awhile since our last update. We have been working on the new myCaddie Pro version during this time, and it is finally available on the AppStore. We believe myCaddie Pro is the best combined range finder, statistics and scorekeeping system available on iPhone and an even better value.

New features include:

  • Visual shot selection allows you to get yardages to any pin location, trap, hazard or layup using aerial hole images. This allows you to see yardage to any spot on the hole whether or not it was mapped. In addition, you can plot multiple shots at a time, for example, a layup followed by an approach shot. This all works very quickly, utiliziing prefetched and cached images so you don't wait. Three different zoom levels are provided per hole, the hole orientation is intuitive and the entire screen is used to display the hole.
  • Score entry, statistics entry and yardage are provided from one screen, to minimize the time to perform any one task - tasks are optimized for speed.
  • Easily customized course maps allow you to optionally lay out your own version of the course, with landmarks you create such as ideal layups and preferred tee shot locations. You can now select your own version of the course rather than using someone else’s.
  • Reports revealing trends in your game, spotlighting areas for improvement and enabling better course management. Find out which courses are toughest, where you frequently miss the fairway or green, how often you get the ball up and down, and lots more.
  • Round history, and the ability to resume a round (if incomplete statistics or scores were entered).
  • A scorecard with gross, net, and statistical views.
  • Much faster course searches and course list downloads.

myCaddie Slow Downloads Fixed

March 6, 2009

We've noticed that our course list is downloading more slowly of late. All courses are currently downloaded to your iPhone when you first register, and when you use the refresh function on the Courses screen. The number of new courses submitted has grown very quickly (around 1000 new courses per month), which has contributed to the problem (lots of courses is a good problem to have).

Note that the slow downloads have occasionally caused some crashes, especially when first using myCaddie.

This problem was fixed today, and should result in much faster downloads (over both WiFi and 3G networks). This should also eliminate the occasional crashes.

myCaddie Version 1.1 - New Features and Fixes

February 18, 2009

Apple recently approved version 1.1 for distribution on the App Store. Version 1.1 includes:

  • International users and courses enabled.
  • Course list filter - filter the course list by distance from current location, or by specifying a different location (convenient if you are planning a trip).
  • Display meters or yards.
  • Problems fixed related to mapping courses and experiencing session timeouts.

Thanks Customers!

February 11, 2009

ust a quick note of thanks to a great customer base. The initial uptake of myCaddie has greatly exceeded expectations. Many of you have issued positive reviews on the App Store, as well as encouragement via email, and that is appreciated. In addition, we have received many good suggestions for product enhancements. I have developed other software products and this has reminded me of why you need to get version 1.0 out the door: only then do you start getting valuable continue to let us know what you're looking for!